Important and Helpful Tips in Typical Family Disputes

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  • Consult a divorce and family law Attorney – to understand your rights & duties from a legal perspective, it is crucial to always consult an experienced attorney, who has been specifically educated and trained to handle your matter.
  • Documents & Records – make copies of any & all relevant documentation, including: various financial statements, insurance policies, wills, titles, deeds, tax papers, etc.
  • Inventory – make an exhaustive list of household items and family possessions.
  • Budget & Expense – make note of and keep track of all household expenditures for each month.
  • Debt – determine exactly how much family debt is owed.
  • Income – determine exactly how much income you and your spouse earn individually.
  • Credit History – examine your credit history and attempt to improve your credit rating prior to legal proceedings.
  • Save Money – be prepared to save money for expenses your spouse may or may not help you with after a dispute.
  • Children – always think & act in accordance with the ‘best interest of the child.’ Keep your child’s routines as normal as possible and minimize their exposure to any disputes.
  • Behave Peacefully – hostile conduct during familial disputes typically harms a party’s case & character in Court and can result in long term consequences as a result thereof.
  • Witnesses – any major situations during a familial dispute can result in unbelievable he-said / she-said type situations in Court unless witnesses can support a particular party’s case.


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